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Tasty Summer Strawberries...

...are just the beginning. Picking begins in June and early July.

Check out our Fall Colors!

Pumpkins, squash, gourds, and corn... bring the family to pick out a favorite pumpkin and pose for the perfect family photo.

Look for the Perfect Christmas Tree!

Bring the family and search for the perfect one! We have saws, bonfires, measuring poles, and hot cocoa.

Free Shake and Bale!

After finding the perfect tree, sit back with a cup of coffee while we shake and bale it for a trouble-free trip home.

Family Tradition

Just like the legacy of a classic tractor, our farm is family owned and operated.  See if you can spot the three generations of Carvers on your next visit!
Get lost, have fun, and stroll through our corn maze.  Can you find all the check points?  It's a"maze"ing!

Have fun in the Corn Maze!

Get lost, have fun, and stroll through our corn maze.  Can you find all the check points?  It's a"maze"ing!

CDC Guidelines

Carver Farms Fall Requirements in compliance with CDC Guidelines

1. Washington state requires customers wear masks. At Carver Farms, this is when you are weighing and paying for your pumpkins or interacting with any of our staff. Masks will be required in the sales area, when paying for the corn maze, and ordering and paying for pumpkin donuts and Kettle corn.

2. All employees will be required to wear a mask or face shield.

3. Practice social distancing by staying at least 6′ from one another while in the field.

4. Customers will remain in their vehicles while we weigh your pumpkins during the check-out process. We ask that when possible, only one person from the household/car come to the sales area to order Pumpkin Donuts or Kettle Corn.

5. Corn Maze groups will be limited to a single household or no more than 5 individuals from separate households.

6. The porta-potties will be sanitized twice a day.

7. Hand sanitizer is located in the porta potties.

Please help keep small business like us open by complying with CDC and Washington State guidelines. Some farm specific guidelines are fluid and may be altered as needed. Our main purpose is to keep our customers and employees safe. Your cooperation is appreciated. Please feel free to contact us at 509-226-3602 during business hours. Thank you!

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