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Tasty Summer Strawberries...

...are just the beginning.  Check out the harvest page to see when  the picking is right for beans, cucumbers, raspberries, onions, potatoes, and so much more.

Check out our Fall Colors!

Pumpkins, squash, gourds, and corn... bring the family to pick out a favorite pumpkin and pose for the perfect family photo.

Look for the Perfect Christmas Tree!

Bring the family and search for the perfect one! We have saws, warming huts, and hot cocoa.

Free Shake and Bale!

After finding the perfect tree, sit back with a cup of coffee while we shake and bale it for a trouble-free trip home.

See what a little farm sunshine can bring.

We have u-pick, as well as picked produce.  Drive right in, walk the fields, and be as choosy as you like.  Even do a little taste testing.

Family Tradition

Just like the legacy of a classic tractor, our farm is family owned and operated.  See if you can spot the three generations of Carvers on your next visit!

School Groups are Welcome!

We love to have field trips from our local schools and value the importance of children learning about where their food comes from.  Call us to schedule a visit.

Harvest Schedule


 Harvest Schedule Details:

Closed til June 2017

  • U-pick strawberries coming in June.


  • Frozen
  • $10.00/lb


  • Frozen
  • $4.00/lb


  • Frozen
  • $4.00/lb


  • Frozen
  • $4.00/lb


  • Local Honey
  • 1/2 gallon jug – $28.00
  • 2 lb jar – $15.00
  • 1 lb jar – $8.00
  • sticks

Bean Soup Mix

  • Delicious and EASY!
  • $7.00
  • Great gift for teachers and co-workers!

Carver Farms Cookbook

  • Makes a great gift!
  • $10.00

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